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Supplements have been around for years. In fact, the business continues to grow to this day. Each year millions of dollars are spent as people look for a way to get healthier and build more muscle.

I get asked nearly every day what type of supplements I use. The truth is, I personally don’t use anything on a regular basis. Occasionally, I use XtremeNO if I really am looking to boost my current performance, but for the most part I try to stay away from them.

The reason why I discuss and promote very few supplements is I really think for the average person they are a waste of time. No, I’m not saying they don’t work. In fact, I have seen a lot of supplements that are safe, natural and work wonders.

However, I feel like 99% of the people I meet want to just add some decent muscle and have an overall healthier body. To do that, you don’t need supplements. You only need a solid workout program and a proper diet.

If you are that 1% who want to truly get huge, supplements can help aide the process. I currently have few reviews of supplements on my website currently, but in time more will pop up I’m sure. For now, I would recommend asking around and doing comparative shopping at your local health store.

I’ve been doing reviews for actual muscle building workouts you can get cheap online. I decided to go this route over supplements because it is cheaper, easier and something you can do on your own. In reality, all you need is a simple balance of working out and eating well.

So what is the next step. Well, I have recently reorganized this site to help you find programs that work for you faster. I mostly stick to the workouts either I, or someone close to me, has had success with. That way you don’t have to weed through all the duds out there.

Take a look around, check out a few of the programs and find one that fits what you want. Most of the programs will cost less than even a one month supply of supplements at the store.

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